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The Henlo Press is now accepting submissions across all genres.


With your submissions we ask that you include:

  • Manuscript in Word or PDF Format

  • Cover Letter

  • A Paragraph Summary of Your Book

  • Word Count

  • Short Author Bio

  • Name and Contact Information


Please send to with the word Submission and the title of your book in the subject line.


Please allow up to three months for us to read, review, and respond to your work.




Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.


-The Henlo Press


Terms and Conditions

Submitting any manuscript to The Henlo Press indicates that you have read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • The material you have submitted is the Author’s own creative and/or well researched work.

  • At all times the right of the Author to the intellectual copyright of his, her or their work, will be maintained.

  • The Henlo Press guarantees the privacy and intellectual property of the Author and maintains said privacy at all times.

  • No information regarding any Author’s personal details will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said Author.

  • No disclosure of email addresses or similar contact data will be allowed without the express permission being granted by the Author.

  • The Henlo Press may use the personal details of the Author for correspondence.