Thirty poems, written over thirty days - "to when it may concern; and other poems" is a collection of work that was cultivated during National Poetry Writing Month.

Though each piece stands alone, together they weave a dark fantastical journey through language and madness.


Growing up is never easy. In 1940s Michigan, Jeanne Peterson struggles with her discontented brother, overbearing expectations from her parents, and her best friend, Luie, who brings along a whole different set of complications. With a war going on overseas and the ever changing landscape of the city around her, Jeanne endeavors to find her place in the world. The Genesee Letters is a coming of age story written in letters spanning the 1940s, through war, school, and broken hearts.

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After the mass murder of the Dashiell family line by the demons from the nearby dark lands, the people of Locklynn find themselves for the first time without a Heavenly appointed Priestess. In the absence of divine leadership, Clayton Harwell has risen to power as a black hearted tyrant whose only concern is passing on his new found power to his sons, Cyril and Drake. At the center of Heaven’s powers on Earth, and the center of his lust for dominance, is the Golden Heart. An artifact bequeathed to the Dashiell bloodline, one which only they can barely stand to touch. All others face the Angel’s incinerating fury, including Lady Alexandra Harwell, Clayton’s own wife. In the middle of the fighting is Marleah Craft, a rebel leader and unwitting heir to the Dashiell bloodline and all the powers of Heaven that goes with it. She is torn between liberating Locklynn of the Harwells and her desire to remain the woman her mother, Clare Craft wanted her to be. A stranger starts to become more than a friend, a friend turns out to be an enemy, death turns out to not be so final, and a brothel becomes an unlikely sanctuary as Marleah fights against her destiny and her own identity. Can she be a Craft and a Dashiell at the same time? Does she even want to be? In the end she will have to decide… who does she want to be?

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You've never been to a show like this... The dazzling lights, the beautiful people, the smell of fried food and wild animals. It’s a spectral sight to behold. It teases your senses and wonders your mind. It invades you. Demanding that your body respond. Who are those women that contort their bodies, swinging from ribbons and shimmer in the limelight? Those men that defy death with raw strength alone, and bend ferocious beasts to their will? ***** Daphne has been living a routine of work and lonely, wine filled bubble baths when her best friend buys tickets to the circus. This is not the sort of circus where you laugh at clowns and get sick on cotton candy. This is a raw, steamy show were lusty pirates stalk swan princesses and half naked men hang in the air above you. In the midst of the glimmering lights and the tangle of bodies, she catches sight of him... Luke is a mysterious aerialist that captures more than her attention. A fiery after show kiss leads her to one of those pivotal life moments… go home and spend another night alone in the tub, or runaway with Luke and the circus

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