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Official Launch and the New Year

Here we are.


A New Year.

Yes, I realize that this is a few weeks behind and we are already mostly through January, but as I live a glamorous life in the world of retail work, I am going to consider it a win that I am at least mostly functional this soon after Christmas.

In October we quietly launched The Henlo Press alongside a Kickstarter campaign for our first book,

“to when it may concern; and other poetry” written by Ijan Brodrick.

We were ecstatic with we were fully funded for the project. Together, we spent many late nights putting together the book and started building the beginnings to an online presence. Our wonderful intern, Nick, helped put together the website and invested long hours into the preparation of future projects. Stephanie kept us organized and on task, while never ceasing to be our biggest encouragement. I spent my time working with our authors, cursing formatting issues, and wondering if it was mad to start all this mess in the first place.

The timing could have been better and the deadlines that we had set with hopeful hearts passed us sooner than we expected.

But we survived and today we shipped our first set of books out to the wonderful people who backed us on Kickstarter. (Many thanks again, my friends!)

So here we are.


The New Year.

As of January 28th we will officially be launching The Henlo Press. To celebrate, we will be running a Kindle countdown deal and our first book will be on sale for just $1.99. Paperbacks and signed paperbacks through our store will also be 25% off. These promotions will fun from January 28th through February 4th.

I have high hopes and big plans for the coming year with The Henlo Press.

I look forward to sharing these with all of you soon.


-C.W. Phelps

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