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Moving to Japan!

I am so proud to have been a part of The Henlo Press. I started working with them as a student who was looking for an internship opportunity for experience and college credits. Not only did I make lifelong memories with wonderful people, but I also became a key contributor in helping bring authors’ works to life.

During my time with The Henlo Press we interviewed authors, put together a website and social media, fully published a book, started the publishing process of another book, and so much more.

The Henlo Press has a beautiful dream to bring the written word to life and I am thrilled that I was able to help them pursue their dreams and achieve success. It is very important to always be passionate about something one loves, and The Henlo Press has an unmatched passion for the written word. That passion is now a beautiful, published work that the world can read.

I would like to thank The Henlo Press for the opportunity that they have given me to be a part of their organization and for the opportunity to bring passion projects to life. Working with them has been a joy and an honor. I genuinely hope that my work and time has been useful and that someday there will be something I can do to help The Henlo Press further pursue their goals and dreams.

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