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Welcome to the Team!

Help us welcome Chandler to the team!

She joins The Henlo Press as an editor and has been an integral part in planning for our upcoming NaNo-Nights.

Chandler is a ginger who fights the stereotypes; she claims to have a soul for every freckle. One can usually find Chandler in her natural habitat of a good book and a hot cup of chai tea, or wandering a forest trail; though she has been known to ride around town on her motorcycle from time to time. She believes in the art of escapism, which translates to avoiding the laundry with said good book and chai in hand. She enjoys bad puns almost as much as she enjoys food. She revels in the feel of spring sunshine on her face, and the scent of wood smoke in the air.

Chandler graduated from Marshall University with a BA in English, Creative Writing, in 2015. She is an editor for The Henlo Press.

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