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New Project!

The Henlo Press is excited to announce our newest Project!

Deep Woods: Season One

About Deep Woods:

Deep Woods is a narrative podcast delving into the world of Appalachian Cryptids.

It will be presented in 10-20 min episodes over the course of the season with an episode releasing once a month.

At the end of the first seasons run, we will release a script book! Additionally a novelization is currently a dream in the works!

Every episode will be it's own chapter, spanning into an ever evolving plot!

The Story

Deep Woods follows Hattie Day, a recent graduate trying to break into journalism. She has dreamed of writing nationally important, Pulitzer Prize winning pieces, and has devoted her life to the pursuit of truth. Unfortunately for Hattie, the job market is lacking and the competition is rough. She’s happy to work the fluff pieces and pay her dues, but without real world experience, job offers are not pouring in.

Desperate to pay the bills that have been piling up, she takes a job with a local tabloid, The Daily Starr, where she is assigned to write a column about cryptids and paranormal happenings in good ol' Appalachia.

Hattie's story is told through her investigations and interviews as she travels the region searching for truth in the strange and unbelievable.

Though she does not believe in the "weird" herself, she jumps on the opportunity to have her own column while battling the gnawing misgivings of her name and career being tied to ghosts and made up monsters.

Disbelief is no reason for shoddy work.

With hard work and a little dumb luck, what starts out as a means to a paycheck turns into something much more. Perhaps there is more truth to the local legends than Hattie had realized.

She will uncover the truth - one myth at a time.

Say Hello to Our Newest Authors

Deep Woods is written by our newest authors, Cursed Words Productions.

Cursed Words Productions is a team of two sisters, Babette Meade and Ariel Meadsmith. Both West Virginia natives, the creative duo brings a bit of authenticity and expertise to the dark, but humorous world they have built around Hattie and her partner Scott.

We cannot wait to share this story with you!

We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later in March to help fund production costs.

More details to come soon!

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