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The First NaNo-Nights of 2019

Wednesday, November 6th, The Henlo Press kicked off NaNoWriMo with our second annual NaNo-Nights! This year we’re meeting at the Inner Geek in Huntington. Upon arrival, each writer received a goodie bag with a few writing necessities: a small notebook, a collapsible pen, and (of course) candy. Each writer also received a raffle ticket! We’ll be handing out raffle tickets every week and drawing a winner to receive some Henlo swag at our party at the end of the month.

Our writers began the night with a little meet and greet, though luckily most everyone knew each other, and then set to work on writing. A twenty minute word sprint kicked us off, some of us utilizing some prompts to get over our writer’s block or to get started in a new direction. The writer who got the most words written won a prize!

Next was a quick break to reset and get everyone back into flow, followed by another word sprint, this time for thirty minutes! Less a sprint, and more like a marathon.

The last thing everyone did was take a creative break. Each writer was given a note card to write some encouraging words for a fellow writer to be given anonymously before we left for the night. We’re hoping that these encouraging words can be used by our writers when they’re having a hard time or feeling stuck later in the month.

We’ll be meeting every Wednesday this month at 6:00pm at the Inner Geek, with the exception of the week of Thanksgiving which will be that Tuesday, to celebrate everyone’s hard work and dedication to their projects!

Everyone at the Henlo Press is excited to pursue the rest of this endeavor with everyone we met, and we look forward to what the future holds for us in the New Year. Good luck to all the writers participating, and we hope to see you at the next NaNo-Nights!

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