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Goodbye 2019, Henlo 2020!

Happy New Year, Henlo Friends!

2019 was a good year for us at The Henlo Press. We took part in our first festival( The West Virginia Shakespeare festival put on by our lovely friends with the Alchemy Theatre Troupe). We announced our upcoming narrative podcast and novel in partnership with the lovely ladies of Cursed Words Productions, titled Deep Woods (I am personally very excited about this project). We made new friends and as a result we should hopefully have new and exciting announcements in the next coming months. NaNo-Nights were a success with a consistent turnout made up of some awesome local talent (see: Wicked Wordmiths) and a great partnership with our hosts at The Inner Geek @ Pullman Square in Huntington, WV.

But 2019 is over now, and I can say with confidence that 2020 is going to be even better!

The Henlo Press is excited to announce new goals for 2020!

*We are hard at work in partnership with Cursed Words Productions and working on the paranormal Podcast and novel, Deep Woods.

*We are in talks with a handful of authors working diligently over novels and poetry collections.

*We are pulling together a regular social media posting schedule to help encourage writers and build a community.

*We are putting together the beginnings of a yearly publication (a la literary journal) featuring short stories and poems submissions from all over.

* We are putting together a schedule of festival and writers’ events for the year.

And much more as we are furiously working on our own passion projects.

If that sounds like something you want to support or be a part of, then we would love to have you along for the ride. You can follow along with us on our Facebook page at or you can contact us directly at

If you feel so driven you can also donate to our current and future projects at or just click the link below!

The Henlo Press exists to build a writing community of people who are passionate about sharing their stories. Everything we do has come from our wonderful supporters on Kickstarter, Buy Me a Coffee, and from our own pockets. Any ‘coffee’ sent our way will be put towards our production costs, operation costs, and event fees.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you over the new year!

-C.W. Phelps

The Henlo Press

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