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A Spooky Attempt

For this week, I must be honest with you readers. I have not read a lot of horror. It is difficult to write on something which you have little experience with! Then the thought occurred to me… I have very little experience when it comes to writing in general, so what if I tested my creative genius during this wonderfully horrible 2020 October? A nice place to start (or so I would like to think) would have to be poetry, or more specific, free verse! I’ll just come out and say it… I wrote you lovely people a poem!

I haven’t got a name for it yet, but if you have any ideas or if you would like to let me know what you think of the poem, then please leave a comment below! You can also leave a comment on our Facebook page!

So… here it is!

I stop and rest here in awe of her beauty.

Your beauty.

I stare up at you from my gravitational prison.

You gleam on my pathetic existence

Which is conquered in fear.

It is momentarily forgotten, all thanks to you.

This is our quiet.

A gentle breeze passes,

Causing my long, unkempt hair to tangle more.

These are my last moments.

It draws near.

In this darkness, you inspire me.

For you too are in the dark and yet

You scare it away with your brilliance.

Some nights, the gloom is too much

To bare and your light fades but

You always find the strength to come back.

Your never-ending war.

A cackle in the distance.

For now I know that our peace,

Our moment alone, is gone.

I tuck away in the nearby thicket you have shown me.

It flies in your light,

Searching for the escaped dupe.

Perhaps we have taken advantage of your radiance?

Possibly, you will show it too,

This thicket and me.

The wind passes once more.

My hair flies, causing more tangles.

How unbecoming of a thicket.

Its search was triumphant.

This Blog Posting was approved by Hagar (office cat extraordinaire).

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