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December is a Time for Joy

It's also a time for rest. Congratulations to all of you who successfully completed NaNoWriMo! And congratulations to all of you who maybe didn't win, but you started something amazing! December is here and that means you can rest, let your work cool. This is the perfect time to recharge yourself for the coming year, and to enjoy time with your family.

Here at the Henlo Press, we plan to do just that. This month, we'll be taking time to reflect on this past year, and we'll be gearing up for the coming New Year. 2021 will be for Henlo! We have a lot of new ideas and goals to cultivate our brand and a culture for artists. We are so grateful to all of you for sticking with us through this difficult year, and helping us bring to life a wonderful new piece of artwork in The Dictionary Game: Stare Down The Moon.

December is also a time for goodbyes. In a few days, Kirsten's internship with us will end, and we'll be very sad to see her go! She has been a tremendous help and an excellent addition to the Henlo. Thank you so much, Kirsten, for all of your hard work! We'll also be waving goodbye to 2020, thank goodness! But that just means that we have a lot to look forward to in January.

Keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for all of our news and updates. If you haven't yet, give us a like and a follow! As always, we're excited to share in this great big adventure with you. Thanks again for hanging out! We'll see you soon!

Much love,

Your friends at The Henlo Press

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