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Don't Forget These 5 Things for InCoWriMo!

Getting ready for InCoWriMo is going to be very important this coming week! I like to have everything I need ahead of time, so I’ll be spending this time scouring the internet for the best price on my favorite pens and trying to find stationary. And maybe trying to convince myself to not buy a wax sealing kit, regardless of how awesome it would be. It’s not just writing utensils and paper you’ll need, though. Here are five things (some tangible, some not) you won’t want to forget in your InCoWriMo prep!

1) Stamps

Arguably the most expensive thing on the list, but you’re definitely going to need stamps if you’re going to put your letters in the mail. 28 stamps may be a bit much for me, though, so I’m thinking about sending a few letters in one envelope at the end of the week to save on postage, if I can. Having stamps on hand will also be much more efficient than trying to get into the post office during work hours.

2) Your Recipients

Even if you’re planning on dropping most of your letters for someone to find, it’s important to know where you’re going to drop. Your favorite restaurant? The Starbucks you hit every morning before work? Do you have some family members you’d like to send to? Make a list of addresses and places to have on hand. The more places you have to send letters, the easier it’ll be to make it to 28! Or maybe 29, since 2020 is a leap year!

3) Resources

There are several great places on the internet to find support during InCoWriMo, but we’ve made it easy! Check out our Facebook page to connect with other people participating this year. And click here to read Stephanie’s excellent post on places to send encouraging letters to people who really need them!

4) Your Resolve

This one is going to be rough for me, but it’s probably the most important thing! Don’t forget your commitment! I know how hard it is to keep something like this up. Life is busy, and it’ll be hard to find the time to sit down and write every day (or a couple times a day if you need to catch up). But you can do it! You’ll thank yourself for this awesome experience at the end of the month.

5) Your Medium

Don’t forget that you don’t have to write a bunch of pages per letter! You don’t even have to write a letter! You can write on a postcard, or a napkin, or a string of sticky notes! The beautiful thing about InCoWriMo is that your medium is as fluid and as creative as you are!

The closer we get to InCoWriMo, the more excited I am to start writing! I can’t wait to share this experience with you all! Happy writing!


Your Friend at the Henlo Press

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