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Henlo 2022!

I don't want to jinx anything, but I heard 22 was someone's favorite number, so 2022 has to be THE year for Henlo. Right? Right. We have a couple of big things to announce, so stick with me!

In 2021, we spent a lot of time thinking about our vision for the future of the Henlo Press, and it's come down to this: The Henlo Press is an "artists first" community, a safe haven for creatives of all backgrounds. Our home in the Tristate is a little lacking for the creative community (though there are some who are making strides in that area, more on that later!), and we understand that in order to see change in our community, we need to be the catalyst. We need to be the change.

In our current state, we are just a publishing company seeking stories and bringing them to the printed page. But we want to expand to an actual, physical space for our publishing office, as well as house a creative space for local artists and writers alike. On top of that, we want to have retail space for our published works and local art work, and a cafe space to nourish the body alongside the mind in its creative journey. And some day, we'd like to have room to host writer/artist residency programs that would provide time and space for residents to focus on their passions without the distractions of day-to-day life.

This is the dream of the Henlo Press.

We've been working with the Women's Business Center of Kentucky to hammer out the finer details of our ideas, and put together a working business plan. This is the part where I get really real with you, dear friends. We've tried to find grants to assist us with procuring the building we want, but we're not having any luck. The best route for us to take is getting a loan to buy the building outright. We're going to need a down-payment. A big one.

The Henlo Press has been a passion project, but we want it to be more. We're making every stride we can to make this dream a reality, but we can't do it on our own. We believe that the Tristate needs this, and we do too. If you feel so inclined to support us, you can donate to our GoFundMe. If you click that link and decide to donate, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

This isn't the only thing I'm here to talk about, though!

If you have reservations about donating, we understand! We don't even want to ask, but we decided that having this GoFundMe was better than not having it. If you'd rather see us work for the money, we're here for that too! Starting this year, the Henlo Press will be offering a suite of in house editing and formatting services! Even if you're not looking to publish with us, we can still help!

Our editing services are as follows:

1) Editing Consultation - $75

A one hour session with our editor. During this time our editor will go over a

small sample of the project selected by the author. The consultation will

included content edits, line edits, and proofreading. The purpose of this

consultation is to give the author a brief preview of the editing process with

The Henlo Press, answer any questions about writing and where their work

might be taking them.

2) Content Editing/Workshop - $30/person

A 3-week course with sessions lasting two hours. These sessions are to

workshop current projects with peers based on specific writing themes each

month. The workshops will be led and guided by the Henlo Press. Simple

refreshments provided.

3) Private Workshop - $200

Private content workshop with he Henlo Press either in-person or via digital

platform. This will be a 3-week course, 1 hour a week with a deep focus on

content, line editing, and proofreading.

We will also be offering a formatting service! Read more about that below!

You don't have to be ready to publish in order to take advantage of these services, but if you are ready, The Henlo Press will never be pay-to-publish. If you submit your work to us, and we accept it, then all of the editing and formatting are on us! We'll work with you for as long as it takes to get your project where it needs to be for publishing! If you want to submit your work for consideration, just email the piece and a cover letter with a synopsis to!

This was a big post, but it's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg for what's coming this year! We're so excited to share our vision with you, and we hope that you'll share in this journey to reaching our goal! Thank you so much for reading, and we'll catch you guys soon!

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