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Holiday Haiku- Sunday Stretch

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

The Holidays are over. 

Well, the big ones, anyway. But what is the fun in any of those? 

Last year, in my attempt to be more organized and responsible, I bought a planner. To my delight, it was filled with not only your more commercialized holidays like Christmas, Easter, or even St. Patty’s Day, but with fun lesser known holidays as well! 

This opened up a whole new world for me. A quick google search showed me how much more I was missing. 

The Calendar year is full of celebrations that are just waiting to happen! There were those that particularly speak to me, such as National Hot Tea Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day, and others that I may still need convincing on, such as National Take the Stairs Day or Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day. 

And I know, I said that Sundays would be for writing stretches and so far this has had nothing to do with writing. That is where you are wrong. 

Those that know me, know that I have a soft spot for silly sorts of poems. It is just how I am wired. I love a good sing-song rhyming limerick or a salty sonnet. But my favorite has to be ridiculous haiku. 

Short, sweet, and simple. 

The perfect stretch to get that brain thinking and that writing started. The five-seven-five format scratches just the right spot of the brain that lets me settle into a good writing session. 

It is that same part of my brain that decided that Holiday Haiku would be a lovely stretch. Alliteration, after all, makes everything awesome. And not just any sort of Holiday Haiku but ridiculous Holiday Haiku. 

I put it out there to a couple friends of the Henlo Press and they jumped right in and sent me their January Holiday Haiku to share with you. 

I encourage you to join us, even if only for a bit of fun. If you write something you want to share, send it our way! Post it on the page here or on Facebook. 

You can get a list of fun January Holidays here:

The world needs a little bit more fun and celebration. Don’t you think so? 

-C.W. Phelps

Below are some Holiday Haiku, brought to you by Henlo Press published author, Ijan Brodrick

January 1- Polar Bear Plunge Day 

polar bear plunge day

a screech of shivering change

charity thanks you

January 2- Science Fiction Day 

science fiction day

the death star approaches soon

he deems that's no moon

January 5th - Bird Day

the tufted coquette

small song for its bright feathers

national bird day

And by our Friends with Cursed Words Productions

January 20- Soup Swap Day

Soup can be yummy

Lentil, bean, minestrone 

Try them all today

January 3rd- Fruitcake Toss Day

Fruitcake is heavy

It flies like a brick should not

Toss at your own risk

January 12th- Marzipan Day

Licking marzipan 

Isn't a good idea 

If you're allergic

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