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How to Address an International Letter

Many of us participating in InCoWriMo this year will be sending our letters out internationally. I don’t know about you, but international sending isn’t something I do very often, and it’s a little bit different than sending in your own country. Since posting letters is the whole point of InCoWritMo, it’s important to know how to address your envelopes so they find their intended recipients!

According to the USPS website , this is how to address an international envelope:

USPS recommends that you write or type the full address in all uppercase letters. If you’re handwriting (like all of us will be), you’ll need to use a pen or permanent mark; pencil markings are unacceptable. Your return address is also required. There are some other rules for sending letters internationally, so make sure you click the hyperlink above to read all of those rules, and to see examples.

Postage will vary depending on how heavy your letter is, but USPS does sell Global Forever Stamps. Forever Stamps start at $1.20 apiece, and you will need one stamp for each 1 ounce piece of mail that you are sending. You can also check out their website to order stamps!

We hope this article is helpful, and we’re looking forward to all the fun we will have in February! Happy writing!


Your Friends at the Henlo Press

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