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InCoWriMo Check-In

We’re almost through the first week of InCoWriMo! How is everyone doing? I’m trying to keep my head above the water with this one! I closed on my first house this week (yay!) and there’s been a lot of paperwork! I’m hoping this weekend I can sit down and really focus on my writing because my head has been anywhere but on the page. I believe the other Henlo girls are doing much better than I am!

At our write-in this past Saturday, we met at the Inner Geek in Huntington again, and we may have snuck in a couple of our postcards into a few copies of our books that the Inner Geek is selling. Though we only had a few people come in, we still had a blast and made new friends!

Let us know how you’ve been fairing this past week! Remember to check out our InCoWriMo Facebook group to join us on this adventure, and to get daily writing prompts if you’re stuck. Share your progress and find other people who are participating too! Happy writing!


Your Friend at the Henlo Press

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