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It's That Time Again!

Today starts a brand new month, and for The Henlo Press, that means a new focus! Welcome to Study-Up September! This month we’ll be taking a look at any number of writing tools that can help you in a pinch. From books on writing craft to online tools, our team will be exploring things you can use to help in your writing endeavors.

These tools can be used across all genres! Do you write poetry? Creative nonfiction? Fiction? There are a TON of awesome resources available! There are books on writing dialogue, crafting scenes, and characterization. There are online random generators and proofreading tools! Check back with us all month long to see what resources we recommend!

Did you know that The Henlo Press has a writing tool available to you right now? Fill out this quick questionnaire and ask our on-staff editor your questions! And don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for the latest updates! There are a lot of good things happening here, and we’re excited to share them all with you!

Happy writing!

Your friends at the Henlo Press

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