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Let's Build Some Good Writing Habits!

Congratulations on making it to November, the National Novel Writing Month! Earlier this year, I wrote about ways to help enhance your creativity. This week, I wanted to look into how to develop good writing skills to help you with NaNoWriMo! So, let’s jump in!

Step #1:

Set some time aside for writing! This can be hard to do because it might require some changes to your daily routine (if you have one). If you are like me and you do not have a routine, then let’s make one! For example, every day after dinner, you could decide to take 1 hour to start writing. You’ll have to make the time convenient for you so you won’t want to avoid it. Also, you'll want to start small (perhaps start with 2-10 minutes of writing) and then work your way up (maybe to an hour of writing)!

Step #2

This is something that I have mentioned in a previous post, but having your own unique writing space helps with good writing! Finding a place that is away from your daily life, or rather, away from the things that distract you is the key! Doing this will give your brain/mind a chance to focus more on your writing. You can also make writing easier by preparing this space for your writing ahead of time. For example, you could leave your writing utensils there until the time you’ve scheduled for writing. The goal is to make writing less of a chore and more of a fun hobby/ activity for you!

Step #3

Give yourself a reward for writing and/or making your word count goal! It could be a nice trip to Taco Bell, a hot coffee at your favorite shop, or even that movie you were tempted to rent the other night. As long as it makes you want to write and meet your goals, then have some fun with it!

Step #4

This is the last step that I have for you today. This could be relatively hard, but try to remain confident! Try to stay away from negative thoughts about your abilities/skills. When those thoughts do appear then recognize it. Recognize it and counter it by affirming yourself about your skills and abilities as a writer. You have come a long way as a writer and you can do this! We believe in you!

If you want more content like this, then like and follow our Facebook page here. And remember, if you are struggling as a writer, then let us know in the comments and we will do our best to help! We are here for you and we know that you’ve got what it takes to do whatever it is that you want to do in life! So, let’s have fun this NaNoWriMo!

This Blog Posting was approved by Hagar (office cat extraordinaire).

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