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Like Hitting a Brick Wall...

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

The Holiday season is finally over. At the start of November the frantic pace of NaNoWriMo and looming deadlines are enough to push me to hit my daily writing goals. And then comes December. December usually feels like running into a brick wall. Writing just stops. The day to day and seasonal stress take over and writing is  pushed to the wayside. After all, if I did so much writing in November, don’t I deserve a break?

 One day off turns into a week.

A week turns into a month, and then January rolls around and I am clumsily still trying to find the motivation or inspiration to write anything at all. Soon the good writing habits that were so carefully crafted are easily broken in no time and writing no longer comes naturally, but is something that needs really worked at. 

I get frustrated with myself that I can’t just jump into it. It is time to build good habits back up again. 

I start small. 

Starting is, after all, the hardest part of writing. 

Sometimes I start with silly prompts and other times exercises designed to be worked into my current project. There is no method to the madness of choosing, it just depends on the day. 

So here we are, a little over a week into January, and I need a bit of a jump-start and I know I am not the only one out there. 

So why not share the adventure?

Going forward I would like to share prompts with you on Sundays so we can stretch our writing muscles and get the week started off on the right foot. 

And if you find these prompts fun or helpful in any way, I encourage you to post what you come up with! 

~C.W. Phelps and The Henlo Press

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