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"Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow"

It's the week before finals are due, which means that my internship with The Henlo Press has come to an end. A lot of good memories were made! I am thankful for the experience and the bonds I forged with everyone! I've learned a lot about writing and being an author, as well as publishing and marketing processes. Perhaps once I graduate, I might pursue the pen and paper! Working with such wonderful and creative people has inspired me to try my best with whatever may come, good or bad. It also helped me to realize that anyone can be a writer, even you (believe in yourself, I know you can do it)!

So this is my goodbye. It is sad!!! I am going to miss writing to all of you lovely readers! Hopefully, my blogs proved to be useful in helping you with all your writing endeavors! And remember, there are great ideas inside of you. Your story is just waiting to be published! Don't give up! Take my word for it, the Henlo team is there to help you! So go out there and get that book published!

I'll miss everyone dearly!!! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

This Blog Posting was approved by Hagar (office cat extraordinaire).

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