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Sunday Stretch: Combo Time!

We have made it to the last Sunday of February 2020. I don’t know where the time is going.

This month flew by before I could even think of celebrating any of February’s lovely holidays with my every favorite Haiku.

So here we are for the Holiday Haiku: February 2020 edition!

For those that need a refresher:

Step 1: Find the Holiday (or Holidays) that speak to you the most

(See for inspiration)

Step 2: Use your new found inspiration to compose a festive haiku

(Haiku refresher- a short poem composed of three lines. The first line must have 5 syllables, the second must have 7 syllables, and the last line finishes it off with another 5 syllables)

Step 3: Share!

Send them to a friend! Send them to us! Share your work and get it out there!

But in the spirit of InCoWriMo I figured we should do things a little differently.

So for the first five people that respond via email ( or on our facebook page ( we will be sending you a handwritten Holiday Haiku based on the holiday of your choice. The first two people to respond before the end of February will also be getting a little something extra!

Just as a reminder, in honor of InCoWriMo, The Henlo Press is currently running a sale on The Genesee Letters, a story of love, life, and growing up- told exclusively through letters between two girls coming of age during World War II. Get your signed copy here! (

If digital is more your cup of tea- well good news for you! The Genesee Letters just went on sale on Kindle today! Check it out here on Amazon:

Thank you for sharing this adventure with us!

Happy writing!

- Your friends at The Henlo Press

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