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Sunday Stretch- Road Trips

Welcome to March!

I am currently sitting in a hotel room looking out over the sandy expanse of Yuma, Arizona. Mountains break the skyline in the distance.

The coffee is mediocre at best.

Today is the first real day of driving for a cross country road trip as I help a cousin pack up her life on the West Coast and move her to Michigan. While I am sure she would rather stay near the ocean and consistent beautiful weather, a new job and the promise of family being much closer bring her back to the state we grew up in.

There is something magical about a road trip.

I have been very lucky to be afforded the opportunity to travel since a young age and I make a conscious effort to take time to adventure when I can. With each cross country trip, I try to take a different route to see what sort of things we can find along the way. The stranger the better.

We have since settled in the Tri-State area, but every so often I get that urge to pack everything up and move. I get that feeling that I have stayed in once place for just a little too long. These sort of trips help scratch that itch in the back of my brain for a little while.

On these sorts of trips I let my imagination go wild. I urge you to let yours run wild as well.

Think about why someone might have to leave the place they live. Where are they going? What do they take with them? Where do they stop along the way? Why? What do they hope to find at the end of their travels? What awaits them in the new place they will call home?

Take just fifteen minutes to write without stopping. Set a timer and go.

Safe Travels,

C.W. Phelps

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