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Sunday Stretch: Super Bowl Edition

If you live in the United States, then you know that today is a very big day for sports. The Super Bowl! The shiny cap to the end of the football season that determines which team deserves to be called the very best.

I have fond memories as a child of watching "the big game" and then later as a teen and young adult getting to go to Super Bowl parties, but if I am being honest, it was mostly about the food and people. Growing up in Michigan ensured that I would be instilled with a greater love of hockey (Go Wings!) than football, at least professional football. Professional football for Michiganders is always a little sad (Go Lions!).

While real sports my not be your jam, fictional sports can help with world building.

Think Harry Potter and Quidditch or The Hunger Games and well, The Hunger Games. This list could go on and on.

The stretch for this Sunday is to focus on world building.

Create your own sport for your own fictional world.

What do these teams look like? What do they wear to compete? How do you score ? Are there penalties? What is your sport's Super Bowl equivalent?

Okay. Sports really not your thing?

Here is a prompt just for you!

We all know the real stars of the Super Bowl are the ads. Create an ad for a fictional product or service your characters may see in the world you have built for them. It can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Set the stage and build your scene around your ad.

We would love to see your Sunday Stretches! Join us in posting your prompt results to our facebook page or send them to

Happy Writing!

Your Friends at The Henlo Press

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