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The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon - Update #1

So we have announced our newest project, The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon by Mike Hornyak.

The response from you was overwhelming. We are excited to share a small sample of Mike’s work, the poem "Vermilion."


Vermilion - n - 1. A bright red mercuric sulfide used as a pigment. 2. A vivid red to reddish orange. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Take inventory of your scars

Catalogue your short comings

Analyze the thoughts that tear you down

Fan the flame and stoke those fires

Abjure the hate that you witness

Renounce the disparity you’ve accepted

Acknowledge the pain inside you

Forgive the shame you internalize

Sit with the decisions you have made

Reckon with the blessings you enjoy

Look long upon your conveniences

Or drown in the stasis you create

Pick through the lies you believe

Examine the lies that you tell

Take apart the fears that leave you bound

Throw them all to the wind

Honor the mercy that makes you human

Hold the rage that makes you rise

Find the hope that keeps you strong

Fan the flame and stoke those fires ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to read more? The Kickstarter for this book will be going live on July 31st for first edition prints of the upcoming book.

Want to play? Join us as

Follow us at The Henlo Press for more updates on this project as well as all sorts of writing goodness!

Happy Writing,

Your Friends at The Henlo Press.

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