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Time Capsule in a Letter

Apologies for the lack of posting last Tuesday.

I’ve been under the weather with a chest cold.

There is really something like magic in the written word. The way it can transport us right back to a specific emotion or capture a moment in time. It’s like having a mental snapshot, but the picture is more intimate than anything posted on Facebook.

This is the same kind of magic books hold.

Recently, my childhood best friend came across just such a piece of magic. A letter. Sealed, addressed, and even stamped! It had gotten mixed into her things, lost over the years, and never mailed. Finding it now, she did the only thing that made sense - she put it into a larger envelope, affixed a more expensive stamp, and sent it off to me! It arrived this week, and yes; it was as glorious as hopped for.

“Hey Steph!

… I live on a mountain, literally. It takes 30 min to get to our house from the dirt road and about 15 min down the dirt road to the main street…”

The biggest excitement was our counting down to the release of the next Star Wars movie! We were planning how we were going to ‘watch’ the movie together while in different states and dreaming large with (fantasy) plans on how to get to Star Wars Celebration together!

“… so I proposed something to my Mom, we will call each other before so we can figure out what showing we are seeing so after the movie we can call each other and talk my phone card into the next dimension!”

That right there REALLY took me back. Took me back, to the days before unlimited cell phone plans. I have to say, it’s a solid plan. In fact, we still do this! She’s now a military wife living on the other side of the country, and for the last several years on her birthday I get her tickets to see Star Wars! We both go watch it, then talk on the phone just like we did in these letters.

Because growing up is HIGHLY overrated, and let’s face it, Star Wars is a special. It’s lasted generations, so thousands of miles is nothing!

Getting this letter was amazing! It was like finding a time capsule, neatly wrapped up and preserved on blue, gel-pen notebook paper. Safely tucked away with other cherished memories.

With Love,

Your friends at the Henlo Press

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