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Time to Play: A Chance to Win - The Dictionary Game Edition

We are exicited to share The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon with everyone, but we are more excited to share the game that helped create it.

If you have spent any time with us over the last few weeks, we are sure you have noticed our handy-dandy Infographic on how to play the game. (Included below for a refresher!)

The best part? Those rules are meant to be bent and broken.

The Dictionary Game can be played through any medium.

Poetry? Great!

More of a visual artist? We love art!

Musically inclined? We would love to hear what that sounds like!

The possibilities are endless!

The Henlo Press and Mike Hornyak want to challenge you to play the game for yourself over the next two weeks and send us the results! You can send these via the facebook group @ or via e-mail @

A winner will be selected randomly from the submissions and will get an early release signed Library Package of The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon by Mike Hornyak.

We will be accepting submissions until the end of the month, with the winners to be announced on September 1st.

You may even have a chance to have your work featured The Henlo Press Website and Social Media!

Want an extra chance to win? Kickstarter backers are automatically entered for a chance to win ‘ A Very Special Henlo Package” which will include:

The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon by Mike Hornyak (Signed)

To When it May Concern by Ijan Brodrick (Signed)

The Genesee Letters by C.W. Phelps (Signed)

and a handful of other Henlo goodies included!

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on September 1st!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Writing!

~Your Friends at The Henlo Press.

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