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Welcome to Spooktober!

Our fearless leader, C. W. Phelps, believes that spooky times are the best of times, and all of us have to agree! So welcome to Spooktober! This month, join us as we explore the spooky things in life!

We'll be talking our favorite creepy stories and tricks in writing, though I can't promise I won't talk about The Nightmare Before Christmas as it's my favorite.

Or even Corpse Bride for that matter!

This is our favorite time of year, so we're looking forward to having fun with this one! Keep an eye out for our weekly spoop inspired writing prompts by following us on Facebook! Be sure to check out our other articles and upcoming projects while you're at it; we're very excited for our most recent project, The Dictionary Game: Stare Down The Moon, which will be available soon!

Thanks for following along with us!

With love,

Your friend at The Henlo Press

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