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Writers are Readers - September Edition

I had a lovely blog post written for you that read these. I really did.

It was beautiful and went into the depths of why you should find books you are passionate about. It may have been the perfect post.

In fact, let’s pretend it was the perfect post. But it has been lost to the void forever. Because when I hit post, it did not post, it poofed- out of existence.

What you need to know.

1) I actually took the time to pick up a book recently.

2) Said book was “Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) by David Sedaris

3) I bought this book, and his following book, Calypso, both on the day they came out, Four and two years ago respectively. I had not read them yet, because I am a fast reader and I did not want them to be over- so I did not start them. Because that is how my brain works.

4) It was definitely over too fast and I definitely cried when it was over.

5) If you haven’t read anything by David Sedaris yet, you need to. Or better yet listen to the Audio books. He narrates his own work and adds an extra dimension to his work that is spectacular.

Available here:

6) I need a nap now. And I am going to take one.

Are you reading anything good? Do you have any books you think we should read? Let us know at

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