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Writing: Motivation, Inspiration, and a Deeper Look

It’s Friday the 13th, but don’t let it get you down! For this week’s blog I am going to attempt to bring you motivation, inspiration, and some stress relieving magic because we know that you have what it takes to write! Together, we can make the most of this NaNoWriMo!

Let’s start with motivation! Motivation is your reason for doing. Things that could hinder your motivation include burnout, a lack of confidence, and even depression. So, what can we do to get you motivated? First, we can start by looking at your own goals and by asking yourself these questions:

How much do you want this?

What will you gain by doing this?

What are your personal expectations?

Ask yourself why this goal is important to you. Next, try to keep on track with attaining your goal, perhaps by taking small steps. Do not talk negatively about yourself and maybe join a group that can support your endeavors (we welcome all writers here: )!

Another thing to try is to look for inspiration! You can do this by maybe going outside and traveling somewhere new or experiencing nature firsthand. You could visit your local bookstore, try listening to a new music, meditating, or discovering someone who has great life lessons and who you could really look up to.

Just remember to never give up on yourself and know that it is okay to take a mental break every now and then. Grab a cup of your favorite drink, light a scented candle, and maybe watch a movie, take a nap, or just go somewhere and explore something new! There are going to be times in life where you won’t feel motivated or inspired and that is okay. You deserve some time to relax because taking the occasional day off should not detract you from achieving your goals!

Check out these videos to learn and gain that deeper look into writing and obtaining inspiration!

Look Deeper---Write--- The Wonders of Writing:

Writing and the Pursuit of Inspiration:

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This Blog Posting was approved by Hagar (office cat extraordinaire).

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