Sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction...

What is it really that comes after death?

No one has gotten the answer to that question all the way right.

Sure, some have gotten bits of it, but not all of the important details.

Clayton Shaw was a good man, and by all accounts that should have earned him a one way ticket to the Brilliance - save for one final, fatal mistake.

Now, stuck in the After, Clayton, with some guidance, must come to grips with what comes after life.


Afterwords is author, Stephen Bias's debut novel, and our fourth book here at The Henlo Press!


by Stephen Bias • October 2021


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The Dictionary Game is a living thing. An experience. An afternoon at your favorite coffee shop with a fresh brew, an over-sized dictionary, and a need to create something. It was that experience and a game played over 15 years that led to the collection of writing contained in this book. 

Meet Mike Hornyak, author of the Dictionary Game and talented creative with a passion for writing. Mike did not create the idea of The Game, but he has spent years playing and some of the best words he was given have ended up in this collection.


by Mike Hornyak • October 2020

The Dictionary Game: Stare Down the Moon

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Growing up is never easy. In 1940s Michigan, Jeanne Peterson struggles with her discontented brother, overbearing expectations from her parents, and her best friend, Luie, who brings along a whole different set of complications. With a war going on overseas and the ever changing landscape of the city around her, Jeanne endeavors to find her place in the world. The Genesee Letters is a coming of age story written in letters spanning the 1940s, through war, school, and broken hearts.


by C.W. Phelps • August 2019

The Genesee Letters

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Thirty poems, written over thirty days - "to when it may concern; and other poems" is a collection of work that was cultivated during National Poetry Writing Month. Though each piece stands alone, together they weave a dark fantastical journey through language and madness.


by Ijan Brodrick • 2019

to when it may concern: and other poems

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