Old Bones : Year One

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Old Bones : Year One

As ancient as her mountains are the old bones of storytelling tradition that make her people distinctly her's -- Appalachian.

A collection of short stories, poetry, and essays from indie authors & The Henlo Press

"What is Constant" by Alexis Hill

"This Hill" by Alexis Hill

"Shot Through the Heart" by Amanda Hooser

"Opposing Forces" by Anna Jarrell

"Godfather Death" by Caitlyn Pace

"The Eve of Shelley" by Damien Casey

"The Haunting of Butcher School" by Diana Johnson

"Truck Stop Whopper" by Elliott Stewart

"To Ease Your Daily Commute" by Gabby Gillam

"The Dangers of White Powder" by Gabby Gillam

"Wishes for Those With Fathers"
(after Lucille Clifton) by Gabby Gillam

(Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) by Haydn Conner
"Our Earthly Grave" by Haydn Conner

"That's Why They Call it Falling" by Holly “Butterfingers” Shivel

"To the Sound of Birds" by JD Byrne

"August Folklore" by K. Mikolajek

"My Mind is a Temple" by Katelyn Fowler

"ODESSA 1920" by Ken Goodman

"Britney-Ann's Last Haircut" by Mars Brown

"Bewitcher" by Ry Carey

"Girl with a Thousand Prayers" by Kimberly Workman
Brother" by Liam Thistlewaite

"Here and There" by Liam Thistlewaite

"Beautiful Things" by Melinda LaCavera

"He Will Build With His Hands" by Mike Hornyak

"Leaf" by Tiffany Roberts

"Memory is a Funny Thing" by William Wolford

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